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Values and commitment


The basis of our values reflects the vision and ambitions of Horus Pharma laboratories, combining passion with high standards, innovation with ethics and patient benefit.

Our Values


Passion:  As our driving value, passion is the foundation of all of our projects. Our teams and partners are driven by a passion for ophthalmology and an entrepreneurial spirit for even more ambitious projects.

High Standards:  Without high standards, there is no performance. High standards guarantee the rigour and accuracy of our actions, in terms of the most exacting health and regulatory standards, the environment and patient expectations.

Innovation:  Innovation is the cornerstone of our laboratory activity. With a strong ambition for innovation, Horus Pharma continues to expand as well to optimise treatment solutions and accompanying services to practitioners and patients.

Patient-orientated: Innovation is coupled with a profoundly human and social vocation, placing Research efforts in the service of security and patient benefit. Close to the patient and the scientific communities, the laboratory identifies, develops and deploys solutions targeted to meet the specific needs of different population groups.

Responsiveness: Above all else, knowing how to act means knowing how to react. Horus Pharma makes it possible by relying on a deep understanding of patients’ needs and the pharmaceutical environment, in order to anticipate changes.

Ethics: The ethical commitment of Horus Pharma is based on pillars such as respect, dialogue, integrity and sharing, in order to contribute to a common goal: success and collective fulfilment.

Our commitments


To combine quality, safety and optimum efficiency, by leveraging our expertise in formulation and preservative-free product packaging systems


To listen to the scientific community and to patients, to offer targeted treatment solutions, in response to concrete needs


To place the Innovation Policy at the heart of the R&D dynamic in the laboratory, by developing useful products and services to patients, practitioners and the community in the field of ophthalmology


To extend our research in therapeutic niche areas by developing solutions that facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of rare and orphan diseases in ophthalmology, such as keratoconus


To promote patient access to solutions that provide them with medical service and improved everyday comfort


To encourage and sustain national partnerships by consolidating our Research centre network and French production sites


Our CSR philosophy

Rather than a mere appendage grafted to the company, Corporate Social Responsibility is seen as a mindset, a culture that profoundly informs our identity, operation and vision since the creation of the laboratory. From the beginning, we recognise that the creation of value develops around pillars such as social and environmental commitment, CSR performance, social dialogue ... Within Horus Pharma, this concern is expressed through multiple initiatives:

•    R&D / environment: the laboratory engages in the development of ethical products, meeting the highest regulatory and environmental requirements (recyclables).

•    Territory: Creation of competence clusters (Ophta Biotech) to converge the local expertise of practitioners and the needs of patient associations in the PACA region.

•    Charitable: Active supporter of several NGOs, such as APSVT and SHARE, associations that promote access to health care for children from developing countries.

•    Social: Support for local employment with sustained recruitment of more than 10% of employees per year.

•    Associative commitment:  Member of UPE 06 and of Performance Globale PACA EST, Horus Pharma contributes to sharing good practices in CSR with local and national stakeholders. These exchanges are an excellent lever for sustainable economic development, both in the territory and in the sector.


Pursuant to Article L. 541-10-5 of the Environment Code amended by section 19 of the Act empowering the Government to simplify and secure the lives of companies published on 2 January 2014, Horus Pharma affirms its commitment in favour of the environment by placing recycling instructions on the articles of packaging of its products.
The aim of this information is to clearly and unambiguously identify recyclables and ensure they are collected separately when they are used.
For more information on good sorting practices to adopt, please click here