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Horus Pharma

Shared passion and expertise for ophthalmology provided the springboard for entrepreneurial success

The history of Horus Pharma reflects its founders’ taste for business and passion for ophthalmology:  Martine and Claude Claret, two Doctors of Pharmacy with complementary expertise in R&D and business development.

Founded in 2003, Horus Pharma successfully established itself among key players in ophthalmology in France and around the world. Horus Pharma continues to see growth, combining flexibility with a family business approach. The company has been driven by international expansion and sustained growth for over ten years.

Key dates


2003: Founded at Saint-Laurent du Var (postal code 06), Horus Pharma obtains its status as a pharmaceutical establishment in 2003.    The laboratory focuses its business on distributing third-party products.

2006: Horus Pharma solidifies its status as a pioneer in the “preservative-free" market by obtaining the first reimbursement by Social Security for eye drops formulated with hyaluronic acid.

2008: Horus Pharma expands its portfolio by incorporating new specialities developed by the laboratory, including medicinal products and medical devices, packaged in preservative-free single-dose units.

2009: Horus Pharma co-founds and chairs Ophta Biotech, an association that brings together actors in ophthalmology and patient associations in the Mediterranean arc.

2010: The Export strategy kicks off in Europe with the signing of the first distribution agreements with Germany, Switzerland and Austria. To support its international expansion, Horus Pharma incorporates Edel Pharma, a company specialised in Business Development.

2013: Horus Pharma crosses the Atlantic and launches the distribution of its dermatological product line, Ilast, in the US.

2015: The laboratory’s first European subsidiary is founded in 2015 with the creation of Horus Iberica, based in Bilbao, Spain.

A rewarding entrepreneurial journey

Several awards confirm Horus Pharma’s entrepreneurial success and the managerial success of its president Martine Claret: