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Horus Pharma

Part of the pharmaceutical landscape since 2003, Horus Pharma is an independent French laboratory specialised in ophthalmology

Founded in 2003, Horus Pharma develops, patents and markets products designed to facilitate eye and eyelid health. Horus Pharma operates in most segments related to ophthalmology and develops practical innovations that combine efficacy and safety.

Focused on patient safety, our laboratory has developed recognised expertise in the development of preservative-free formulations and product delivery systems.

Our product ranges cover five fields of expertise :

The product portfolio at the laboratory includes medicinal products, medical devices and food supplements. With its new Hi-Tech Division, Horus Pharma is pursuing its growth by offering surgical and peri-surgical solutions to help in the diagnosis of eye diseases.


The “preservative-free” culture

Throughout their 25-year-long career in ophthalmology, the founders of the laboratory have forged a strong conviction from which Horus Pharma is the main product and vector: Microbiological quality can be fully ensured without using preservatives, whose harmful effects are well-known.

The “preservative-free” culture therefore constitutes one of the main drivers of Horus Pharma's R&D efforts. The challenge does not end with formulation. Continuous improvement of health products also requires constant questioning of all other components including dosage, administration devices and even manufacturing processes.

With several patents to its credit, Horus Pharma strives on a daily basis to follow its guiding principle: meet patient expectations and respond to physicians’ concerns with innovative solutions.