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Key figures


The performance of Horus Pharma is based on a reasoned dynamic of Research and Development, recruitment and international conquest 

Recording two-digit growth since its inception, Horus Pharma ended the year 2016 with a turnover of €40.80 million. A good progress which is expected to continue with a forecast turnover of €49 million next year. Supported by a growing network of international distributors, the company expects to achieve 50% of its turnover from exports within the next 3 to 5 years. 10% of sales invested in R&D to gradually reach 15% over the next five years.


Growth and turnover


More than numbers, results

Horus Pharma growth is measured through concrete results in terms of hiring, product portfolio expansion and performance at the national and international levels:

  • EMPLOYMENT: With a sustained recruitment policy of 10% annual hiring, Horus Pharma has established itself as a thriving SME and employment generator in the Nice area.
  • INNOVATION : Innovation takes the form of a sustained rate of product launches, patent filing and expansion of the product portfolio, which includes more than 45 specialities today, to progressively cover all therapeutic segments in ophthalmology.
  • INTERNATIONAL : With an international focus since 2010, Horus Pharma has a voluntary Export policy, through the constant expansion of its distribution network, covering 12 countries in Western Europe, North America and Asia including Russia. This dynamic of extension is coupled with the launch of the first European subsidiaries in 2015.


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In the span of 4 years between 2010 and 2014, the number of Horus Pharma employees has doubled growing to nearly 100 employees today.


With two to three new product launches per year, the laboratory’s product portfolio has grown to 45 specialities.


The position Horus Pharma holds in the National Ranking for SMEs and most successful independent French ETI

Edition  2014 of the L'Express National Ranking