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Our patents


Fruits of the Horus Pharma R&D, patents cover a wide scope in terms of innovation: formulations, manufacturing processes and packaging solutions.

The development and filing of patents solidifies the potential for innovation and multidisciplinarity in the Research and Development teams. A common theme guides this ambitious research policy: the development of solutions allows us to avoid use of any preservatives, while guaranteeing maximum efficiency and microbiological quality.

  • The IFREE preservative-free multi-dose vial:


Developed in partnership with CEMEF and labelled by the Artemis regional innovation centre, the Ifree® System is a multi-dose vial for preservative-free eye drops and ophthalmic gels. Its design incorporates the ergonomic constraints necessary for easy use, particularly by the elderly.

  • The EPIFREE TECHNOLOGY manufacturing process :


Made using a unique manufacturing process, Epifree technology is based on a low temperature sterilisation system that preserves the quality of assets, without the use of preservatives. Highly concentrated in active ingredients, dermatological products from the Ilast® range benefit from the Epifree Technology patent from the HORUS PHARMA R&D laboratory. Ilast® thus establishes itself as the first patented range of medical devices with preservative, fragrance and alcohol free eyelid care and hygiene.