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Research domains


Research is a strategic focus for Horus Pharma, in pursuit of a key objective: innovation, both in terms of treatment solutions and patients’ services.

With a dedicated team, the laboratory is structured to develop new generations of products. It spends 10% of its turnover (2015) on Research and plans to gradually increase that percentage to 15% over the next 5 years.

Innovation through connection

Convinced that innovation is born of interaction and cross-fertilisation of complementary expertise, the laboratory works closely with medical specialists, hospital practitioners, scientists, universities and reference centres. The Vision Institute in Paris, INSERM, and INRA are among our key partners.

Horus Pharma has built a network of industrial partners consisting of pharmaceutical laboratories and other companies with complementary activities (biotechnology company, CRO, plastics processors, materials specialists, etc.).


Being an Innovation Policy vector in the “preservative-free” domain

The “preservative-free” culture is a central point of Horus Pharma’s Research. The laboratory has developed and patented solutions to ensure microbiological quality without resorting to preservatives, known for their allergenic and toxic effects in the long-term.

Guided by an innovative and human vision, the laboratory’s R&D team focuses its research efforts on patient benefit safety around three key areas:

•    Packaging eye drops in preservative-free single-dose and multi-dose units
•    Preservative-free formulations and product delivery systems
•    Refined formulas with high concentrations of active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid

Out of the laboratory’s R&D expertise, Epifree® Technology is a perfect example of the innovation practice developed and patented by Horus Pharma in the “preservative-free” market. With a new technique for low temperature sterilisation, this manufacturing method ensures microbiological quality and integrity of highly concentrated active ingredients (in particular hyaluronic acid) without the use of preservatives. Our Ilast® products, dedicated to the hygiene and care of the eyelids, are the first medical devices to benefit from this major innovation combining efficacy and safety.

Innovation in terms of patient services

Innovation also means advancement in terms of services offered to patients and health professionals. In addition to its expertise in ocular micronutrition, the laboratory offers innovative support solutions for patients:

The Horus Grid application allows visual tests to be performed on a tablet thanks to a series of digitized Amsler grids, consistent with the original standards set by Professor Amsler. Using the tablet’s touch screen, the patient can reproduce the forms observed using a stylus or finger, enabling practitioners to easily view the visual distortions the person suffers from, to comment on them, to share them with a colleague and archive them through the application.